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Discovering Hidden Gems in Montreal | Alt Hotel

Have you ever walked in a hotel lobby and immediately felt at ease? Especially after long hours spent on the road? We were extremely lucky to have found a gem in the heart of downtown, Alt Hotel Montreal by Le Germain, during our short weekend getaway. If you fancy interior decor like I do, the lobby was minimalist yet warm and welcoming. Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Griffintown, walking into this hotel was almost as if you walked in to your own home kind (well, I can dream!). Staff was super accommodating and friendly.

After hours on the road, we checked-in in one of the most comfortable rooms. The room was bright and modern - exactly what we wanted (nothing pretentious!). As content creators, we planned a trip to Montreal to create content and most importantly, experience and memories we can share with our audiences. Our 15-minute power nap turned into an hour long for their oh-so-comfortable mattress and Egyptian cotton and bamboo linen bedsheets. We were literally sleeping on a cloud. The hotel really stands out for its uniqueness in their taste of art - colourful walls come to define different areas of the hotel including the outdoor terrace, fitness and meeting rooms.

When we choose to consume consciously and the environment helps you to achieve that is everything I can ask for. The Alt Hotel offers an eco-friendly and sustainable environment. "The building was designed and constructed to be energy efficient and features a geothermal heating and cooling system that recycles warm air as well as automatic and energy-saving lighting devices." Last but not least, I finally got to try the oatmeal breakfast by OATBOX at the Atlcetera (hotel lobby) that every Montreal influencers have been talking about ;)

Merci Alt Hotel Montreal pour cet incroyable séjour!

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