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Happy New Year! | Barber & Co.

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all got the chance to spent some quality time with your loved ones, because I know I did! So excited to be writing another blog post - this would be my first post in 2018! I know I haven't posted anything in December as I was very busy focusing on my personal life.

I am so excited to cover my wonderful experience I've had with Barber & Co. back in December 2017. Long story short, I was invited by Barber & Co. to their Yaletown location for a full-on hair treatment and lab tour. I've had the pleasure to meet with one of the co-founders of Barber & Co. - Martin Rivard, who was also the man behind my new sleek-looking hairstyle. Before the haircut, Martin introduced me to his company, as well as some of their best-selling hair product. To my surprise, Barber & Co. was only founded in 2011 in Vancouver, BC! Martin and his business partner Ian have always been passionate about giving the modern men the confidence they need by keeping them well-groomed.

Later on in the afternoon I was joined by Reza Jackson of Reza Jackson Style, a fashion/lifestyle blogger based in Toronto. Martin gave us a tour of his in-house lab that produces all of their amazing hair products. The chemists and master barbers work hand-in-hand to build utilitarian product in response to genuine needs expressed by the staff as well as their clients. Their products are all made with natural ingredients, and employed with sustainable practices. Their mission is not only to keep men well-groomed, but also to keep our environment clean.

The Matte Pomade has to be my favorite hair product from Barber & Co. This medium-hold styling pomade is designed to achieve great varieties in style with a natural looking finish. I have been using it daily and I absolutely love it! If you have a softer hair and need something a little bit strong, I suggest you use their Texture Paste.

I have been thoroughly enjoying writing more lifestyle-related posts than my usual fashion-related posts. I hope you all enjoy this post. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Cheers!

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