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Buntzen Lake Photo Diary


Hi everyone, long time no see! So it finally snowed in Vancouver, BC! It was also my first time doing photoshoot in the snow! A few weeks ago I actually planned on a day to go canoeing in Buntzen Lake before it started snowing, and now people think that I am crazy for following through with my plans. Thanks to Zipcar, we were able to get to our destination easily. I was able to book a car with snow tires, and this one also has racks on the roof for your snow adventure equipments!

Thank goodness the lake wasn't frozen when I got there. Even though the weather was freezing, we still managed to stay on water for about an hour. Jason and I took lots of photos on the canoe, and also on our way home. The view was amazing, and we will definitely come back during spring/summer time! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Photographer: Jason Yeh

Location: Buntzen Lake, BC


#lifestyle #travel #photodiary

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