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The Importance of Buying Glasses From a Professional

We live in a fast-paced environment where everyone wants things instantly. Online shopping seems to be the best and fastest way to get what you want because it allows us to skip the lineup, it is more convenient, and a lot easier to find great deals and promos. I don't deny the fact that I buy a lot of clothes and electronics online, but when it comes to eyeglasses or sunglasses, I still go to a trusted professional like IRIS.

A lot of misconception of buying glasses from a professional is that is expensive. I agree that most glasses and sunglasses you buy online are a lot cheaper. But have you consider the quality of the frames and lenses from these wholesalers? From my first-hand experience, I have purchased numerous sunglasses online, and most of them ended up getting crushed easily. For someone like me who depend on eyeglasses on a daily basis, online eyewear might not be appropriate. I always ended up visiting an optometrist because the glasses needed an adjustment or didn’t properly correct my vision.

Instead of spending all your money on buying these cheap glasses, why not go to a professional?

When I went to IRIS to pick my glasses and sunglasses, I immediately notice the difference in the quality of the frames and lenses compared to the ones I bought online. IRIS only sells trusted brands such as Rayban, Armani, Hugo Boss, Maui Jim, etc, and you know the quality of these brands are solid. Another reason why I like going to IRIS is that I can get my eyes examined, and the specialist will suggest which frames and lenses to choose from. If you know your budget, that's even better! IRIS professionals will recommend you vision correction options that respect your budget. By using the iProfile app, IRIS professionals and team members can offer you: • Interest free financing through Desjardins Accord D program • Direct billing to most insurance companies • Current promotions

In addition, all of your prescription eyewear purchases are covered by the IRIS No Matter What Guarantee, the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, at no extra charge!

So what are you waiting for? If you want a good pair of glasses or sunglasses that will last you a long time, give IRIS a call today!

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