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Clean Skin Care for Men | Counterman


Renowned skincare and beauty brand Beautycounter has launched its very first men's skincare line: Counterman! I was excited to have received a few product from them, prior to the official release. The geniuses behind Beautycounter hold the believe that safer skin care is as important for men as it is for women, therefore, they have created this results-driven skincare and grooming products designed specifically for men. I typically have very dry skin, and its even drier after I shave.

The Cooling Aftershave Tonic feels amazing after shave - it gets rid of the "burning" sensation and instantly replenishes my skin with enough moisture. The Clarifying Toner Pads, formulated with a blend of witch hazel and green tea extract, remove residual dirt and excess oil, help tighten pores, and improve the appearance of the skin. The Daily Exfoliating Cleanser helps protect my skin from everyday environmental stress. Slough away dead skin cells, help unclog pores, and calm skin with exfoliating jojoba beads and the soothing power of aloe. If I am not in a hurry to go out, I usually use it to wash my face immediately after shave. And finally, my favourite item on this list: Charcoal Body Bar, produces a creamy lather to wash away impurities and protect skin from everyday stress. I typically dislike body soap or body wash with a strong scent, thank god for this soap, it contains a blend of natural citrus, mint, rosemary, and cedarwood oils give this daily soap a refreshing scent. There you have it... my review of the Counterman skincare line! I do encourage you to try this out, if you are currently in search for a top skincare brand!

Photos: Vincent Ko

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