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Importance of Taking Care of Your Eyes In Winter

I am sure everyone knows a trick or two on how to protect your eyes during summer, but do you know that it is also important to know how to protect your eyes when the temperature drops? Cold, dry air, and bright sunlight can also do some damage on your eyes and affect your eyesight. Here are some of the tips on how to protect your eyes during Fall/Winter in Toronto:

1. Wear Polarized Sunglasses

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate through clouds, even on the shortest, cloudiest days of winter. Furthermore, the light reflecting off snow can be significantly brighter than the light reflected by water. Exposure to sun glare in a long period of time may cause discomfort in your eyes, and at worst, it may lead to snow blindness. Always wear polarized sunglasses when you head out. If you need help selecting the ones that suit you, please feel free to contact the specialists at IRIS today.

2. Protect Your Eyes from Wind and Snow

Eye injuries happen in the winter too. Protect your eyes from injury while raking leaves, shovelling snow, or any other outdoor chores during winter by wearing eye protection. For winter activities or sports, it is also important to wear specialized glasses. They protect you from wind, debris, as well as snow and ice that could potentially hurt you. Did you know that prolonged exposure to the wind can irritate the white part of the eyes? This can cause a yellow discolouration called Pinguecula, which can be permanent. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, I also suggest you wear your contact lenses underneath any of those eye protection if needed.

3. Keep Your Eyes Hydrated

Dry outdoor air, heat from a furnace or fire, wind, and circulating indoor air can evaporate your tears to cause dry, itchy eyes. Use artificial tears or other eye drops to keep your eyes moist. Deflect air blowing from furnace vents; use a humidifier to put moisture into room air.

Just like our immune system, our eyes are more sensitive in winter than in summer, hence the importance of protecting them well. Having an eye exam at the recommended frequency from your optometrist is also essential to prevent eye problems. Make an appointment now at your closest IRIS store for your annual exam!

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