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New Year, New Vision |


Hi everyone, hope you all had a good start to the new year! January is the time when people are making their new year resolutions, and good health plays a huge component in that. Eye health is not something we primarily think of when making health-related resolutions, but without sight, how could we accomplish the goals we have set out for the new year? Clear, uncompromised vision lets us focus on the details of every-day life; small moments of love, laughter, and exploration that define us. It is so vital to have healthy eyes and clear vision, this is why I recommend visiting You can book an appointment with an Optometrist at their stores (only in Vancouver and Toronto), they will make sure your eye health is in check.

For me, not only is eye health important, style plays a huge part in my life as well. When you visit your local Clearly store or shopping online, you can find the style of eyeglasses that best fit your face shape. In this campaign shoot, I have chosen the Derek Cardigan 7051 Green Fade frames. I usually dress up when I go out, and most of the time, having a stylish pair of frames compliment my outfit really well. This makes me look more sophisticated and stylish. So pick up your pair today, elevate your style game and #SeeClearly by visiting!

Eye Glasses: Derek Cardigan 7051 Green Fade Frames

Photographer: Cyrus Wu


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