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Brown is the New Black | Simons


In case you haven't noticed, lately I've been experimenting on giving my recent photos a more "vintage-y" look. I want to creating a warm and aged feel for my Instagram feed, starting with my #OOTD photos. I really love the moody analogue film feel, because it makes me feel like I was able to travel back in time. I have to admit, I am not one of those "hypebeast" guys you see often on Instagram. I am not obsessed with Yeezys (I do not own a pair and I do not intend to in the future) and I am not into wearing oversized hoodies and Supreme fanny-packs. I miss the old days. I miss the time when everyone just tell each other exactly how they feel without playing mindgames. I miss the time when everyone is willing to work hard on a problem instead of giving up so easily. I guess you can say that I have an old soul.

Anyways, back to topic! To compliment my new "theme", I picked out an outfit that best fit the men's fashion trend of the 60's and 70's. I had the pleasure of working with Simons Canada, a Montreal-based retailer that sells mostly high-end and other affordable apparel. I chose a brown suit, a blue dress shirt, and a navy tie to recreated a back-to-work office look inspired by one of my favorite tv-series "Mad Men". Some people ask me why I chose brown, as it is such a difficult color to work with. I personally don't think that brown is difficult at all! You don't always need to wear a navy or grey suit during fall or winter, and I think it is always good to have a pop of color in your wardrobe - brown is the perfect example! When in doubt, always go for a white or blue dress shirt to go with your brown suit. I always love a brown-blue combo! When you need to go out after work but is too lazy to change to a different outfit, you can simply ditch your shirt and tie and just throw on a rollneck (turtleneck) sweater. Don't you think the whole brown-on-brown look gives you that vintage-y feel, just like my pictures in this post?

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